New Series: Tabletop Exercise Design

Blakesburg, IA, Tanker Truck Explosion, July 2011

MediaTech will present a web-based series of articles on Tabletop Exercise Design, beginning this week.

The tabletop exercise is essentially a discussion guided by a facilitator.  Its purpose is to solve problems as a group. It is designed to elicit constructive discussion as participants examine and resolve problems based on existing operational plans and identify where those plans need to be refined.

The tabletop exercise, then, is the ideal method for

  • reviewing plans, procedures, and policies to determine their currency and adequacy
  • acquainting key personnel with emergency responsibilities, procedures, and one another
  • preparing for more costly and elaborate Functional or Comprehensive Exercises.

This series of articles will assume your organization has undertaken a thorough needs assessment and determined that a tabletop exercise is the next logical component of your comprehensive exercise plan.

Virtual Table Top – VTT™ – So easy a four-year-old can use it!

Created by Leo Christopher, age 4,  future Firefighter

Little Leo took to VTT™ like a fish to water, and has been creating some professional-looking tabletop displays. Here he developed a scene featuring the new vehicle types introduced in the latest VTT™ update. This one was created in less than ten minutes.

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