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“VTT will allow us the ability, as part of an instructional capability, to test and validate all of our respective plans through a realistic tabletop scenario and gain invaluable lessons in terms of validation of SOGs, strengths and weaknesses’, lessons learned and best practices.”

“VTT will be a big help in Education and training to keep interest of all.”

“I’ve said I believe the VTT for lack of a better term, is a better mouse trap!”

“I had always dreamed of a tool like this!” “Just what we have been looking for!”

“I believe that working with VTT is a win-win for everyone, especially the client and the responders preparedness to protect the public.”

“Works for both tactical and strategic!”

“VTT is so simple, yet so complex.”

“Super useful, we use it for planning and AARs. Any time we talk about an incident, really.”

“The Possibilities are Endless.”

“It’s the easiest way we’ve ever found for visualizing an incident.”

“Everything we need to conduct a tabletop exercise in one program.”

The Easiest, Most Effective

Way to Visualize Your

Disaster Plan

VTT - All Hazards

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All Hazards

Our Virtual Table Top – VTT™ revolutionizes the tabletop exercise, giving you the power to visualize scenarios, injects, and participant responses quickly and effectively. Includes 100s of custom objects for visualizing emergency scenarios and fully localized situations. Airport, Chemical/Biological Attack, Earthquake, Fire, HAZMAT, Arson/Sabotage, Flooding, Pipeline Explosion, Hurricane, Pandemic, Active Shooter, Tornado/Wind shear, Train Derailment/wreck, Hostage/Intruder, Major Event Planning, After Action Reviews and more.

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