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MediaTech, a Centerville, Iowa firm, announces award from the Iowa Department of Education for the procurement of School Meal Programs Reference Library and Web-based Tutorial Development Project, RFP #ED-MH079-01. The contract is expected to extend until at least late 2014.

At this time, Iowa does not have a comprehensive web-based resource for School Food Service personnel to access for guidance regarding the operation of a USDA School Meal Program. New Food Service Directors/Managers must navigate through several websites, manuals, and memoranda, all of which are not available in one central location. Currently, the Department offers a number of on-site and webinar training workshops around the state of Iowa to train new staff, update existing staff, and release guidance regarding new USDA School Meal Program regulations. These training opportunities are often not available on demand, and may only occur one time per school year. The comprehensive web-based reference library will provide a reliable resource, accessible at any time. In an effort to improve efficiency and efficacy of trainings, the Department seeks to develop web-based instructional tutorials. These tutorials will provide enhanced learning experiences, expanding upon reference library information. Additionally, the SA will have the ability to test comprehension and monitor completion as requirements for new Food Service Directors/Managers or as a component of Corrective Action.

See original RFP here

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